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About us

Qingdao New Special Materials Co., Ltd, a young company in China, the core team ever working in research institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences and has more than 10 year R & D experience in professional coating technology. The company is focused in providing the supplies innovative and long-lasting tooling for industrial applications.

Qingdao New Special Materials is now worked with Top 3 copper pipe manufactures in China and supply them CVD diamond coating drawing die and extrusion die. Comparing with the traditional dies, the special dies get a extremely good performance after a long term testing. Especially these special dies has improved product lif and it help the manufactures to enhance the efficiency of production line and get more economic benefit.

Qingdao New Special Materials is also providing Customized service for your products, not only dies, but also other tools like blade/seal ring/drill, we can give you more than one solution for your demand.


Looking forward to explore the coating industry with you.




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